What ages do you cater for?

Cherubs Cove caters age group from 18 months to 6 years.

What time do we open / close?

We open at 7:00am and close at 6:00pm Monday to Friday

What happens if I am running late to pick up my child?

We close promptly at 6:00pm. If for any reason you are running late and are not going to make the 6pm closing time, you should try and make prior alternative arrangements for your child to be picked up. You will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child that you are late.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, we provide all meals and beverages., which include Morning and Afternoon Snack and a hot meal at lunch. You are only required to provide a drink bottle filled with fresh water – if you have multiple children at the centre, one drink bottle each is required.

Do you close for Public Holidays?

Yes, we close for all Public Holidays, and you are still liable to pay for these days

Are you open in the school holidays?

Yes, we are open all year round except for weekends and public holidays.

Does my child ‘just play’ or do you also educate my child?

At Cherubs Cove, care and education are intertwined in our play-based learning programs. From your child’s first day in care we observe and plan learning experiences based on his/her interests, needs and developmental level, at the same time meeting your child’s physical and emotional needs.

What do I do if I want to change my child’s days of care?

If you wish to change, increase or decrease the days your child attends care you must contact the Centre Director.Parents are required to provide 30 working days’ notice to decrease days.All changes are pending availability; however, we will do our best to accommodate all of your childcare needs.

What do I do if I want to cancel my child’s care?

It is a condition of enrolment that you provide 30 working days written notice to the Centre Director of your intention to withdraw your child from the centre. When you enroll with us you are required to pay a holding deposit of 30 days. Your holding deposit is held to secure your child’s position throughout their time in our care and this will be applied for the last 30 days’ notice period, provided that your fees does not have any previous arrears in which case it will be used to clear the debt first.

How do I know what I am paying?

Fees must be paid for every day your child is enrolled, including public holidays and when your child is sick or on holidays. A full daily fee is charged regardless of the number of hours your child attends.

What do I do when I drop my child off of a morning?

First you must sign your child in to the centre. It is your responsibility to sign your child into and out of care. Secondly place your child’s bag in his/her cubby removing their drink bottle / or babies bottles and handing them to your child’s teacher so they can be refrigerated immediately.Settle your child, be sure to say goodbye and reassure them you will be back in the
evening to pick them up.

For detailed information, please refer to parent handbook.