Dr.Nita David

( B.A., B.Ed., OCT, M.A., Ph.D. )


Our Director of Education is Dr. Nita David. She has over 35 years of teaching experience, and is very passionate about education and learning. She believes in setting a strong foundation for our children to help them to become lifelong learners. She is a certified teacher by profession (OCT). She possesses a Bachelors of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Education, Master of Arts in Sociology and a Doctorate in Philosophy. In addition, she continues to teach Sociology at the under graduate level at the university. Dr. Nita has also co-authored a book for the under grads in sociology.

She has taught nearly all age groups and brings to Cherubs Cove diverse experience from preschoolers to university students. Nita is passionate about the little ones as she feels that is the age where the personality of the child is formed which carries throughout his/her lifetime. At Cherubs Cove, she will be a senior teacher, teaching one of the preschool classes.

Nita will also be overseeing the curriculum for the various programs and activities, such as field trips, concerts and special days. She will also help support the professional development of the teachers through her experience as an educator. She also considers herself a lifelong learner and continues to research the latest best practices to further enhance the learning experience for all of her students.

In her free time, Nita is actively involved in various community events and activities with her husband, like serving the homeless, helping in the seniors’ home, helping new immigrants. She loves cooking, shopping and travelling. Nita is a mother to two wonderful children.