Early Childhood is a precious part of life and period of incredible growth, change and joy for both families and children. Childhood should be a time, where children have the opportunity to investigate, discover, learn and explore with wonder the amazing world around them. Children should be encouraged and have the opportunity to build stable relationships, the freedom to socialize and develop independence and the opportunity to grow and formulate ideas about the world as a whole.

As Early Childhood professionals and as advocates for quality, play and Montessori based early learning programs, we believe that children can learn and achieve best in a supportive, warm, challenging environment that allows for the full and healthy development of the individual. We believe that this can only be achieved through creating a warm, homelike environment, by employing qualified early childhood professionals, through close collaboration with the families and the wider community and by valuing the unique contribution that each individual can make to the fabric of our centre.

Our centre acknowledges that each person who enters our setting has something different and special to contribute; values and traditions, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender and experience. We respect and value these ideals and believe that incorporating these into our centre helps to encourage family and community unity.

Our educational philosophy is based on the idea; children are markedly different from adults. Founder of Montessori education, Dr. Maria Montessori advocated children’s rights and believed that if children were treated with more respect they would help shape a world as adults that would be a better place to live for everyone. As a Centre, we also support the idea that play and Montessori encourages children to develop essential skills that they will use for the rest of their lives and also help to instill a life-long love of learning. It is therefore with strong conviction and great passion that we emphasize our belief that by nurturing and encouraging unique individuals to grow and develop, we will impart skills and confidence that will allow children to become healthy, well-adjusted human beings with a desire to continue to learn. The staff at Cherubs Cove Montessori Child Care Centre looks forward to sharing the special moments and memories that we will share with your family, as you become a part of our family!