Toddler Program

(18 months through 30 months)

In this wonderful age of discovery, our first priority is to provide a nurturing and safe environment, while introducing children to a more structured environment. Our toddlers are offered a variety of opportunities to explore their world through Montessori and play. The emphasis is on continuing emotional, physical and cognitive growth while also developing social skills.

Our toddlers are offered many opportunities to explore and learn about the world around them, which helps develop our little learner’s imagination through imaginative and role play. The importance of developing gross motor skills at this age cannot be over stressed. These skills are developed through both structure and unstructured play. Children are given the opportunity to run, jump and play during outdoor recess time. Out toddler’s fine motor skills are developed to their fullest with Practical Life and Sensorial Materials as well as unique art and craft projects created by the teachers.

Class time is filled with hands on activities using a variety of manipulative materials such as blocks, puzzles, playdough, crayons and paints. Through interactive and hands-on activities, as well as teacher guidance, toddlers begin to develop self-esteem and independence. Communication skills to express their needs, wants and feelings in appropriate ways. They develop an awareness of others and the world they live in. Toddlers are also encouraged to develop critical thinking skills for solving, understanding and applying the new concepts that are learnt.

An introduction to Math concepts (big vs small) and language skills through sound, finger play, repetition, story/book time and music are explored. Practical life activities such as spooning, pouring, zipping, buttoning help the child gain independence and confidence.